HR Diagnostics


img-hr-auditOur primary objectives when conducting HR Diagnostics are to gain a better understanding of what Federal and Statutory requirements are for employers and to shift focus toward HR strategic priorities.

Our HR Diagnostics services and process provides our clients with a "Road Map" to meeting compliance requirements.  As part of our process, we will review current HR processes and policies.  Once completed, we will submit a checklist of employer action items related to compliance. By conducting a comprehensive HR review process and comparing current status versus necessary action items, we are able to clearly define organizational needs so that we are able to assist with limiting the employer's potential liability.  

Once our preliminary compliance review has been completed, we can help our clients shift focus to HR strategic priorities such as:

  • Employee handbook review
  • Standardize policies and procedures within your organization to minimize liability 
  • Educate department managers and other supervisors about best practices so they are aligned with corporate policies
  • Raise awareness and educate workforce about current employment laws and regulations
  • Employee training and development techniques
  • Document annual review processes to demonstrate regular "due diligence" 
  • Improve overall morale with employees

When should employers conduct HR Diagnostics?

  • Initial stages of taking over the HR departmental responsibilties
  • During mergers and acquisitions
  • When significant changes have occurred with employment laws or after major shift in business strategy

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