Total Rewards & HR Branding


img-total-rewardsEnhance Employee Perception

Effective Total Rewards and Human Resources (HR) Branding have been proven to enhance employee perception of their benefit compensation package.  At Optimal BenefitsTM, we take great pride in transforming basic employee communications into a customized design that delivers a greater appreciation of the employer investment, as it relates to an employee's total reward.  

Your company is unlike any other, and your brand symbolizes its unique qualities. While your external brand captures the essence of the experience people have with your company, HR branding delivers a meaningful, differentiating promise about the employment experience. It's how dynamic companies elevate the perception of their HR programs.  

Powerful employment brands help attract and retain talent, as well as promote desired behaviors and organizational culture. Branding provides a platform for key touch points such as leadership, mission, vision, values, corporate strategy, and business plans. When visuals, themes, and key messages provide a clear, consistent, and coordinated voice for communications to your employee population, you'll build brand equity and experience high returns on your identity.  

Optimal Benefits translates the intangibles of your culture into a powerful brand that tells employees who you are and what you stand for.  We can discuss a number of different strategies that are most suitable for your organization such as branding through the creation of customized communication materials.  To that end, we have the capability to deliver valuable tools for your employee communication in either traditional hard copy format or in electronic format via our client website portal or your intranet.  

Together, we can create the right approach for your organization particularly in the following key areas:

  • Benefit Communications Branding
  • Total Rewards Branding
  • Recruitment Branding
  • HR Identity Branding

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