Healthcare Analytics and Optimization (HAO)


For top performing organizations, healthcare analytics is a crucial component to informed decision-making.  The transparency of key healthcare statistics, including claims trend utilization, benchmarking data, employer contributions modeling and full disclosure of service fees, is a significant employer trend in the marketplace.  

Optimal BenefitsTM is proud to offer our proprietary technique, Healthcare Analytics and Optimization (HAO)TM strategy, that is designed for our target market, mid-size emerging growth companies ranging from 100-3,000 employees. Where key information is available from existing healthcare providers and through the use of third-party organizations that provide Health Risk Assessments, we have the experience to assist our clients to realize their healthcare optimization objectives faster with less risk through an effective information strategy.

Applied enterprise wide or deep within a specific business function, our HAO technique provides resolution spanning design, processes, risk management, data analytics and technology applications.  Moreover, we are able to extract actionable insights and shift agenda toward predictable business outcomes.

  • Advanced Analytics and Optimization - Improve operations, tackle and solve your most complex problems by working with Optimal Benefits to create unique predictive modeling capabilities for intelligent decisions. The advanced innovative research in data analytics and optimization helps us to establish a proactive versus reactive strategy to enhance performance and improve operational efficiency.
  • Enterprise Information Management - Our experienced advisors have the knowledge and experience to assist clients with the evaluation of the most suitable data integration systems (such as various HRMS solutions) to improve business processes and total business performance.