Collective Intellegence

Collective Intelligence is our proprietary technique that centers on the collaboration of our client's insight, combined with our expertise, forming a diverse group of goal achievers.

Our marketplace is abundant with heightened expectations from employers to maximize resources and minimize liability.  In particular, the theme of "optimizing vendor resources" is highly prevalent for HR and benefit compensation programs since many organizations have had to scale down in personnel and available resources due to the lagging economy. This added pressure has created an increased trend in the critical analysis of employer sponsored healthcare plans.  Employers are evaluating options on a broader basis and "The Big Picture" is an important strategic approach when evaluating healthcare provider's overall quality versus cost. In fact, big picture healthcare assessments have become a strategic priority for many of our mid-size employer clients. An employer trend toward a broader focus of assessing all healthcare providers including insurers, administrative service vendors, technology solutions and benefit consultant firms is clearly becoming more of an expectation from high performing organizations.

In response to the emerging trend of big picture assessments, Optimal BenefitsTM has developed an approach that is inherently collaborative when working with our clients.  Our approach, "Collective Intelligence", combines our client's insight together with our industry experience to formulate critical strategies to face the future. More specifically, through our research, extensive client experience, and in-depth conversations with a broad range of organizations including business partners and vendors, we have created a collective intelligence process that facilitates organizational optimization.

Our Collective Intelligence process enhances business outcomes by improving how organizations access the untapped knowledge and experience of their available resources.

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