Mission and Core Values



At Optimal BenefitsTM, our mission is to increase the value of our role as an employee benefits and human resources advisor so that we earn our client's trust to become an important, long-term, strategic business partner.

"Do the ordinary in an extraordinary manner"

While our company mantra is a simple statement, the ability to complete ordinary tasks in an extraordinary manner on a daily basis requires total commitment and discipline.  The culture of our organization centers on our core beliefs and values, and we carefully select associates who have similar innate characteristics to complement our team.

Core Values

Our firm was built with the foundation of recruiting high performing team associates with a special passion to excel as "Client Advocates".  At Optimal Benefits, all of our team associates are trained to be Client Advocates and we are continually seeking to recruit talented employees that have multiple years experience in the benefits, HR and financial services industry.  Equally important to our candidate's qualifications, we carefully hire employees that have the habits and characteristics aligned with our Core Values:

  • Passion:  Doing the ordinary in an extraordinary manner.
  • Integrity:  Always work and act in an honorable, ethical, trustworthy, respectful, fair and responsible way.
  • Innovate and Invent: We recognize that while innovation of creative ideas is important, the execution of creative ideas
    results in an invention.
  • Flexibility:  Our success has been built on the foundation of being a flexible organization so that we can respond to client needs and to industry changes, allowing us to be recognized as a premier industry leader of advisory services.
  • Balance:  Our organization is dedicated to creating a healthy and productive work environment that is enjoyable and challenging while also recognizing the importance of balancing work requirements with family and personal needs.