Client Advocates


img-clients-advocateClient Advocacy is Our Differentiator

At Optimal BenefitsTM, we are fully committed to the endeavor of transcending the expectation of "Client Advocacy" beyond normal standards. All of our associates are trained so that every team member of Optimal Benefits can effectively respond to client advocacy requests.  

Positive, consultative and pro-active client experiences are engrained within our corporate culture because we strongly believe that our daily interactions are one of the most important reasons our clients choose to do business with Optimal Benefits.  To that end, our organization focuses on recruiting talented personnel that inherently have a passion for satisfying customer's needs.

In addition, our associates are well trained through our internal mentorship program that complements our associate's skills and expertise.  Moreover, our associates have access to key external educational resources so that we can continue to sharpen our skills in the respective expertise areas.  

Our passion to deliver a client experience that combines friendly and prompt responses with consultative technical skill
is a key reason that clients choose to do business with Optimal Benefits.