Overview of Our Firm


img-overview-of-our-firmOptimal BenefitsTM is a leading global provider of advisory, insurance, outsourcing and financial services.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping our clients design and manage health, retirement programs and optimize human capital management. 

Mid-Size Employer Specialty

Optimal Benefits is well positioned in the marketplace to effectively respond to and engage with mid-size emerging growth companies that have 100-3,000 full-time employees.  We work effectively with this market segment because our strengths, particularly as it relates to client-centric solutions and full customization, are a match with mid-size companies that tend to sense and respond to the changing marketplace, and embrace our innovative approach to help them drive growth efficiently.  Mid-size employers want speed, flexibility, creativity and detailed analytics to make
better informed decisions.  This is why they are adopting our proprietary techniques such as our Healthcare Analytics and Optimization (HAO) and Collective Intelligence processes. 

Our core business and areas of expertise include the industry's best advisors covering:

We understand that our advisors and client advocates, who are responsible for accurate and timely service delivery to our clients, are our most valuable assets.  Recognizing that our people are our most valuable assets, our leadership has structured our organization so that our employee culture is instilled with a vested interest in our team success.  Our team success is measured with the growth of our satisfied customer relationships and through the respectful conduct and interactions displayed within our organization on a daily basis.